5 Secrets to Be Skinny

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10 Feb

So you have spent months trying to keep fit. Dieting has been part of you and has nearly caused you unbearable torture. Exercises have made you weary. No matter how hard you try, all you end up with is physical injuries, excess cravings and hunger as well as illnesses. This is the high time you learn about top secrets of thin people that make and keep them fit.

Trust your body

Most people will tell you that if you want to be fit, you should eat 6 – 7 small meals in a day and drink lots of water to get rid of the hunger in between.

Thin people trust their bodies; they eat when they are hungry and stop when they are satisfied. They believe their inner hunger as well as fullness mechanisms.

Do not get too obsessed with your size or weight

Most people, will always be on the weighing scale to see how much more grams they have added. This is so unlike thin people. They are not too sensitive over their weight and they don’t tie their worth or happiness to the size of pants that fits them. This makes it easier for one to keep fit because you don’t worry much. Worrying brigs forth stress which in turn leads to increased weight.

Do not associate food with shame or guilt

It is highly likely that when you are dieting, you feel guilty if you get off track. Such guilt is likely to make you overeat and make other poor choices.

Thin people, on the other hand, are not food saints. However, they do not overburden themselves with plans and diet. They eat what is just enough for their bodies, and neither do they make poor choices. Eating right is part of them, and not just an on paper plan that they must follow.

Find happiness outside food

It is common to see many people turn to food as a replacement for anything that they need. When stressed, bored, depressed, and unhappy or lonely, they eat.

Food is a pleasurable experience. However, thin people will never use it to make them happy. If something isn’t working or was working really well, they do not turn to food for comfort. Instead, they address their problems head on and using a more suitable approach.

Do not follow the subjective rules of dieting

If you are dieting, then it is possible that you already have the dos and don’ts of dieting. NO carbohydrates from 3pm eating many small meals in a day and many more. This may end up making one totally exhausted and confused with what their bodies requires.

How about disregarding all these rules and rather have an internal sense of what you need? For instance, too much chocolate may make one have a headache, or greasy foods give you bad taste.

Through adopting these behaviors and attitudes, you can be sure to notice a drastic change in all aspects of life. You will lose weight and be happy all the time. The best thing is to adopt practices such as: eat until satisfied, avoid too much sugar, eat breaks fast and all other meals and have 5 minutes workouts three times a day.