Lighten Up

25 Apr

So you’re a brunette looking to go blonde? Certainly not surprising. Modern stereotypes aside, blonde hair has a had a long history dating as far back as antiquity, of being the fairer and most feminine of hair colors, and is arguably the most highly valued due to the amount of money that goes into maintaining those golden to platinum tresses. But, if you’ve always sported a darker look, this may be a big and bold step to be taking, and is most definitely going to require some work, and a few things should be kept in mind during the transition.

Take Care…

Let’s just skip the lecture Continue reading “Lighten Up” »

Girly Gifts for Your Best Friend’s Wedding

wedding gifts
15 Feb

When a friend is getting married it is nice to give them a gift. This is especially true for the bride. There are some girly girl gifts for your best friends wedding that will make her happy and are delicate and feminine style.

Two Hearts are Better Then One Necklace

This necklace is delicate and feminine. This necklace has a silver charm that is in the shape of heart. Engraved on this charm and the initials of the couple that is getting married. This will be one a smaller heart that is placed within the larger heart (check it at The larger heart will say “Always and Forever”. The necklace comes with a Continue reading “Girly Gifts for Your Best Friend’s Wedding” »